CHNT 26, 2021 | Proceedings

The organisers of CHNT 26 invite all speakers who attended CHNT 26 (on site or online) to publish their contribution in the proceedings of CHNT 26.

Possibilities for publishing

For session contributions:

  • long paper – peer review (detailed guidelines see below) or
  • short paper (=long abstract) – already reviewed or
  • no publication

For round table contributions:

  • short paper (=long abstract) – already reviewed or
  • no publication
  • Only for RT-Chairs:
    Summary of the Round Table
    Format: short paper (=long abstract)

For poster contributions:

  • short paper (=long abstract) + poster (PDF) – alreay reviewed or
  • no publication

Guidelines for publishing long papers

CHNT-ICOMOS Austria will publish the proceedings online and open access (published by Propylaeum, Heidelberg University Library).

Please use the appropriate template: template_longpaper_CHNT26
(Please note: In the template, the term “abstract” is still included so that the finished abstracts can be easily expanded into papers.)

Please mind the following rules for contributing long papers:

(1) papers must be submitted in the correct format by February 11, 2022
(2) additional instructions can be found in the template
(3) papers must be between four (4) pages and ten (10) pages in length (plain text i.e. without abstract, illustrations and references)
(4) papers may not have more than ten (10) illustrations
(5) papers should not be written in first person (“the survey project has been planned” instead of “we planned the survey project”)
(6) submissions to the proceedings must be written either in British or American English (the spelling should not be mixed).

To submit your paper, please send the file (e.g. via to:

The peer review process and the editing process will be done by the Scientific Committee together with reviewers invited by CHNT. Please note that ALL papers will be peer reviewed!

Peer-reviewed papers can receive one of four possible recommendations:

• accepted
• accepted with minor revision (including English language, referencing and formatting)
• accepted with major revision (including English language, referencing and formatting)
• rejected

In the case of acceptance with minor or major revisions, you will receive the reviewers’ comments that will help you to improve your manuscript and a brief comment on referencing and formatting. Papers requiring major revisions must be accompanied by a brief statement of how the comments have been addressed. A rejected manuscript cannot be resubmitted.

After the paper has been accepted, it will be copyedited by the editorial team. The editors will contact you and ask for your approval regarding changes and corrections of your manuscript and its layout.

We strive to improve the quality, impact and visibility of the CHNT proceedings and adhere to international publishing standards. Therefore it is mandatory for authors to add information on funding and possible conflicts of interest. Please use the appropriate section in the template.

We want that fair credit is given to all contributors of the papers. We ask you to provide information on the role of all contributors using the Contributor Role Taxonomy. Please use the appropriate section in the template.