Coming up: Exciting session and round table on the preservation and sustainability of cultural heritage data

Preservation and sustainability of cultural heritage data: case studies from the archaeological data life-cycle and the ARIADNEplus digital infrastructure

In the session ‘Preservation of cultural heritage data: challenges and opportunities during the life cycle of archaeological data’ we will reflect on the development and application of standards during the archaeological data life cycle, with a focus on questions of interoperability and sustainability. What are the challenges during the several processing steps in a project? How is it possible to use aggregated archaeological data for research across multiple providers and subdomains, and hence valorise individual datasets? What is the potential of archaeological practices to provide solutions for a broader community of heritage stakeholders?

Session Chairs: Edeltraud Aspöck, Helmut Schwaiger, Rebecca Bade, Pamela Fragnoli, Guntram Geser I Austria, Julian Richards I United Kingdom

The session will include – but is not limited to – case studies from the EU-funded ARIADNEplus ( digital infrastructure for archaeological datasets. In a round table connected to this session, ARIADNEplus data-providing partners and associate partners will share their experience aggregating their data in the project. The Round Table will also discuss the ARIADNEplus project in relation to the general topics of the CHNT-ICOMOS conference – for example, in what ways do initiatives such as ARIADNE contribute to protect, research and valorise Cultural Heritage? Does the infrastructure lead to an increased sustainability of archaeological research practices? Which changes would be necessary to move closer to achieve these aims?

Chairs: Edeltraud Aspöck, Guntram Geser I Austria, Julian Richards I United Kingdom

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Image of a reconstruction of the facade of the Library of Celsus in Ephesos during the Roman period

Graphics: Seta Štuhec (CC BY 4.0)

Image of 3D model of an early Bronze Age pot from Weiden am See, Burgenland