Experience archaeology with all your senses

In 2015 Elisabeth Monamy founded the company Archeomuse e.U. to reach people who are looking for a culinary challenge or those who prefer an innovative approach to archaeology and history with her passions of cooking and archaeology. She quickly realised that she could easily explain scientific topics and concepts to a target audience and discovered this as a potential for herself. Her specialities are the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula as well as food from the Stone Age to the early Middle Ages.

In the meantime, she has established herself with her workshops for children, young people and adults, bringing archaeological knowledge and historical facts closer to the participants in a lively way.

Since 2015, she has been taking part in the CHNT conference to share her experiences with citizen participation, public outreach or “gamification” in lectures but also in discussions and round tables. How can fellow citizens be motivated for the “Ancient”, or how can the awareness of artefacts and knowledge from earlier times be spread even more, so that nothing is (un)consciously destroyed, forgotten or lost. It will also be represented in 2022 with a contribution on the role of gamification in our society and the resulting (pre)judgements about archaeology and past cultures. Playfully, one simply learns more comprehensibly and remembers new knowledge more easily. For this reason, selective participatory activities make more sense than some front lectures and are by no means less scientific.

Elisabeth Monamy was born in Strasbourg, grew up in the Middle East, graduated from high school in Vienna and is studying archaeology at the Université Saint Joseph in Lebanon. Due to her many travels with her parents, she speaks several languages and has become acquainted with different cultures. Since 2003 she has been working as an archaeologist in Europe as well as in the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.