CHNT Poster Presentation

001 | Constructions of collective knowledge as a pedagogical resource in childhood. A look at RWYC Latin America

Fabiola Colmenero FONSECA, Kevin Alexander Echeverry BUCURÚ, Diana María Blanco RAMíREZ | Spain

002 | Digital dissemination to support the rebirth of a neglected built heritage, the case of the St. Augustine complex in Fabriano, Italy

Margherita SOLDAINI Alexia CHARALAMBOUS, Giorgio VERDIANI | Italy

003 | An innovative multi-analytical approach for the characterization of Iron-gall inks

Salvatore CATERINO, Federica CAPPA, Claudia CRESTINI| Italy

004 | Digital technologies for neglected spaces preservation

Sofia SAPUCCI, Ylenia RICCI Andrea PAQUALI | Italy

005 | Investigating an automatic segmentation and classification of archaeological magnetic features through Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques.

Ilias-Marios SARRIS, Dimitris CHALKIADAKIS, Apostolos SARRIS | Greece

006 | ArcheoTales

Michael ANRANTER | Austria

007 | How does History taste like? A closer look on food archaeology

Elisabeth MONAMY | Austria

008 | Chances to preserve GDR buildings for the next generation | Serial manufactured MLK-steel buildings – Record and analyse

Annkathrin HEINRICH | Germany

009 | A Comparison of Selected Photogrammetric Techniques for Creating 3D Models of Cultural Objects with Specular Surface

Andrea CHRISTOVA | Slovakia/Greece

010 | Gudiashvili Square- A model of Urban Archaeology

Tatia BUTSURADZE | Georgia

011 | 3D Visualisation Digitisation of Natural Monuments (ViDiNa) A combination of photogrammetry and georadar as an assessment basis in the evaluation of inter- ventions in natural and archaeological monuments

Franz Eschner | Austria

012 | Using Modern Technology to Conserve Human Indigenous Knowledge

Najmeh Hassas | Poland

013 | Erzbergwerk Rammelsberg (Goslar, Germany): Development of a 3-D model-based database as a tool for documentation, research, and conservation of a complex UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ulrich Knufinke I Germany

014 | Online platforms as tools for authentic collaboration in the ICH of displaced peoples

Isabel Thomas | UK/ Austria

015 | PlusIQ – Agri Photovoltaics: Integration as a Path to the Plus-Energy-Quarters

Ulrike Herbig | Austria