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The Proceedings 2020 are finally available!

We would like to thank all those who participate in CHNT25 and send us their contribution to the Proceedings 2020. For a bunch of reasons, amongst them the re-organization of the structure of the whole conference, it took us too long to prepare the Proceedings. We sincerely apologise for that, as we know it is always frustrating for authors to wait so long for their work to appear.

We are happy now that we have finished the proceedings and that Propylaeum Information Service Classics made it available for download.

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The 25th international Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies took place in 2020 in the city hall of Vienna under the headline “Artificial Intelligence – New Pathways Towards Cultural Heritage”.
The contributions deal with the application of computational approaches in all fields of cultural heritage, with a special emphasis on the utilisation of “Artificial Intelligence”. The topics include Remote Sensing, Data Acquisition and Modelling, and Methods for the analysis and presentation of digital data in archaeology and cultural heritage. The volume also contains Abstracts on the round table discussions held and the posters presented at the conference and a special session which was dedicated towards the 25th anniversary of the conference.

Artificial Intelligence
New Pathways Towards Cultural Heritage