Apostolos Sarris

Research Director & Depute Director of IMS-FORTH
President of CAA-GR
Foundation for Research & Technology, Hellas (FORTH) / Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Apostolos Sarris got his B.A. in Astronomy & Physics (1985) and M.A. in Physics (1988) at Boston University (1985). He obtained  a M.Sc. (1990) and a Ph.D. in Physics (1992) from the Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research activities range between applied Geophysics & Remote Sensing; Geophysical Prospection of Archaeological Sites; Signal Processing, mapping and modelling; Site Assessment & modeling through the application of Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS; Satellite image processing and classification techniques; CRM; Geo-Information Systems.

Dr Sarris has also a considerable number of publications (1 Ph.D. dissertation, 12 chapters in books, 1 Proceedings Volume, 52 refereed journal papers, 77 refereed papers in books of proceedings, 23 in non-refereed journals, 88 technical reports and 3 technical guides/notes, and  more than 148 Oral & 77 Poster communications and in 79 international and 33 national conferences).
Dr. Sarris has organized, planned & participated in more than 130 geophysical/satellite remote sensing/GIS/GPS projects in Greece, U.S.A., Cyprus, Hungary, Albania, and Egypt & participated in more than 65 Greek and international large scale projects (European Space Agency, Wenner-Gren, NSF-USA, Information Society, LIFE, Instap, GGET, Interreg III/Archimed, PENED, EU CULTURE 2008-2013, EU Marie Curie, e-Content, GGET bilateral programs (Cyprus, Bulgaria, China), Interreg III, a.o). He is currently president of CAA-GR, member of UISPP Commission IV, and associate editor of the Society for Archaeological Sciences Bulletin, the Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences Journal and the Archaeological Prospection Journal.