Christina Kral-Börner

born in Vienna, grew up with a strong interest for archaeology and antiquity. Already in school she learned latin and old greek and participated at the Latin and Greek Olympiad in Austria and Pythia competition organized by the European Culture Centre of Delphi.

After her matura she studied Classical Archaeology at the University of Vienna and graduated with her magister thesis on “St. Pölten, House 1 and 2: The Ceramics”. Already during her studies she participated in different projects in Vienna and Lower Austria: excavations on Sandberg, Lower Austria; project “Ephesos”; new recording of the stone monuments in Carnuntum;  project on the history of the Archaeology in Austria between 1918 and 1945.

In 2005 she took part at the Archaeological Summer Academy in Xanten, Germany and in 2015 she joined for one month the team of Tell el Dab’a – project of the Austrian Archaeological Institute.

Mrs. Kral-Börners special field of interest lies in museum and education or in a more wider sense in imparting archaeology and culture heritage to people of all ages and professions.