Martina Polig specializes in the use of 3D for knowledge production in cultural heritage. In particular she has experience in high-resolution 3D documentation and analysis of artifacts and in the use of 3D GIS for building and object analysis.

She began her higher education at the university of Ca´Foscari in Venice (Italy) with a BA in “Conservazione e Gestione dei Beni e delle Attivitá Culturali”, followed by a MA at Lund University in Lund (Sweden) in “Archaeology – Theory and Practice”. After a brief period as visiting researcher at Lund University, she was a research assistant at the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia (Cyprus) from 2017 until 2020. In this period she also started her PhD on the use of 3D approaches in the palaeographic study of the Bronze Age writing system Cypro-Minoan. In 2022 she received her doctorate in “Archaeology” from Ghent University and in “Science and Technology in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage” from the Cyprus Institute.
Currently, she is employed as project manager and coordinator at Tonwelt- guiding solutions, which is one of the leading suppliers of interactive visitor guidance systems in Europe, supporting museums, galleries and exhibition centers to create unique and tailored visiting experiences.

CHNT Connection:

As from the CHNT conference 2017 I am part of the scientific committee and the representative of young researchers, chairing the yearly session for Master and PhD theses. It is my great pleasure to chair this session as it was also the place for my debut at CHNT in 2015 when I presented my own Master thesis. Since then I have attended the conference every year and presented different projects I have been working on.  My main focus in the scientific committee is the continuation of the effort the conference has shown in supporting and encouraging young researchers who stand at the beginning of their career. The main instrument in this work has been and is the Master and PhD session, which I consider an important positive element within the conference.

Affiliation / Institution:

Tonwelt GmbH