Raphaël Panhuysen

(Ph.D. 2005, University of Maastricht)
I studied history, archaeology and physical anthropology at the universities of Leiden, Amsterdam and Münster. Since 1992 I am involved in archaeological, physical anthropological and palaeopathological research, including forensic anthropological work in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. For my PhD research I studied the demography and health in early medieval Maastricht on the basis of human remains recovered from two cemeteries. My research focuses on the combination of standard physical anthropological methods and bioarchaeological techniques (isotope analysis; ancient DNA; microCT) to study the demography and living conditions of ancient populations in their historical context. In the past I was employed as an archaeologist by the City of Maastricht and as a researcher and associate professor at Maastricht University and Leiden University. Since 2001 I have worked on various research projects at the University of Amsterdam. At present I work as a Research Fellow at the Amsterdam Archaeological Centre of the University of Amsterdam on the final publication of the results of the Dorestad vicus famosus project. This project was funded by the Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research (NWO) and is aimed at the study of the extensive Wijk bij Duurstede excavations of three early medieval cemeteries. Other current research projects are the analysis of burials from a cemetery from Oldenzaal (800-1800 AD) and the Merovingian cemetery of Borgharen.