Rob van Haarlem

is co-owner of Tijdlab, a 3D and GIS company from the Netherlands with a focus on innovation and chairman of SAP (Foundation for Archaeology and public).
During my study, (Archaeology at Saxion University of Applied science, Deventer) he worked on several excavations in The Netherlands and Germany.  With Tijdlab the main focus is on bringing archaeology to the public in new and exciting ways. We try to reach our goal by developing games, augmented reality applications an d virtual reality experiences. We are always trying to improve existing and new workflows for vast amounts of 3D data and GIS. In 2019 we worked on a research for procedural modelling of scale models. This same workflow is now being implemented for visualising and mapping old mines. For GIS I’m working on IMMU,
an interactive GIS viewer with the ability to process and share desk surveys, fieldwork and reporting within a system. In addition, the software can be linked to RTS and GPS and all data is processed directly to your liking. For the future, we also want to directly link the 3D models here.