CHNT Short Films

At CHNT27 several students of TU Wien (Research Unit of Building History and Building Archaeology) had the chance to combine learning and practice.

The aim of their course was

  • to accompany a conference,
  • to get to know the latest methods and concepts of cultural property documentation,
  • to discuss the latest techniques with renowned scientists and scholars,
  • to develop a concept for a short film documentation on the basis of this knowledge,
  • to compile interview guidelines for the discussion with scientists and scholars.

Many thanks to the students for their enthusiasm and also many thanks to all the interview partners and the supervisors Ulrike Herbig and Sebastian Schmidl. The outcome is a great collection of short films that we would love to present to everyone interested in CHNT!


Ang • Laura • Maximilian • Lea • Teresa • Zlatina • Paolo • Andreea • Leon • Susanne • Olivia • Barbara • Sara Hannah • Arthur • Sarah • Albina • Tomohiro • Almas • Petra • Anna • Maximilian • Johanna • Maya • Eike • Pavle • Maria-Angeliki • Natalia • Teresa

Group 1

Group 2

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