Benno Ridderhof

Benno Ridderhof was trained as a Classical Archaeologist with MA´s in “Roman Republican architecture”, “Roman Republican History” and “Religious Anthropology and State Formation” in 1994 at the VU University Amsterdam.
During and after graduation Benno worked as a field archaeologist in the Netherlands, Italy, Libya, India, Germany and Russia. In 1998 he started working as a university teacher with the departments of ancient studies (Ancient History, Archaeology and Classical Languages), Art and Culture (Art history) and History at the VU University Amsterdam.
The courses given at the VU University are: “Ancient Cartography”, “Databases”, “Electronic Drawing (CAD)”, “Measurement Systems and Machines”, “Euclidian Trigonometry” and “Computer Visualization and Disclosure of old Analogue Scientific Material”. (Cad, Database, GIS)
Benno Ridderhof founded his own company MBB (Mud, Blood and Beer) in 2005. The work consists of converting analogue archeological data into usable digital data using CAD, GIS and a database system.
Since 2008 Benno is part of the scientific committee of the yearly Vienna conference CHNT. He organizes sessions and workshops based on his ongoing experience as an archaeologist.
Currently he is working on three projects: “Astrology and Rulers in city-state Italy”, “Dorestad” and a PHD on “Mathematics in Babylonian and Roman architecture”.
Besides Archeology his other great loves are `historical B-movies` and really bad movies from the second part of the 20th century, music, George Armstrong Custer, his 8 cats racetracks, and – Ancient mathematics.