Peter Dorninger

Peter Dorninger gained his Ph.D. at Vienna University of Technology as a research associate within ESA’s Mars Express Team. For more than 10 years as a research assistant at the Vienna University of Technology, he concentrated on 3D documentation and modeling from image and laser scanning data. Aiming at improving accuracy and automation of data processing, he focused on instrument calibration, point cloud processing and 3D model generation. While doing this, he continuously considered the constant demands from industrial partners for immediate an application for achieved results. Founding 4D-IT was the consequent step in order to bridge the gap between research and development on the one hand and economically efficient application of new methods on the other. Innovation, precision and flexibility in 3D documentation and visualization are the strengths of 4D-IT. According to its slogan “Smart Solutions 4 YOU”, 4D-IT provides customer specific solutions for 3D data capturing, processing and information extracting.