We are proud to present an exciting round table at CHNT27!

A European Data Space for Cultural Heritage: Closing the Gap.

Are you working in the cultural heritage sector and actively use digital tools? Are you digitizing your artworks in the museum? Are you familiar with data spaces to safeguard culture or make it accessible to a wider public?

In 2021, the European Commission presented a vision for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030 followed by the recommendation on a common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage which foresees the digitization of all cultural heritage for future generations, to protect and preserve those at risk, and boost their reuse in education, cultural creative sectors & co.

In the past two years, the pandemic pushed digitalization to the top of the agenda of cultural heritage institutions and revealed their different paces of digitization processes or implementing digital tools. However, great showcases do exist – the challenge is to create joint links and build up one strong network including all relevant stakeholders such as institutions, organizations, experts and civil society.

Let’s sit together and discuss how we can benefit from the digital age in the heritage sector!

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