7reasons Medien GmbH

We are using today’s blog to introduce our long-standing partner, who has become an indispensable part of CHNT!

Over 20 years the media agency 7reasons is producing multimedia content printed and online presentations, films, interactive applications, DVD-s and a broad range of other digitalproductions. While covering a wide field in terms of techniques applied and services offered, the company has specialised thematically in dealing with projects connected to cultural heritage and within this range especially historical, archaeological and museological research, reconstruction and education issues.

7reasons objective is not only to produce the final media in terms of a well researched and scientifically backed animation, interactive application or representative short film, but also to aid scientific personnel during research with new methods and possibilities offered by computerized tools and simulations. This approach has multiple positive effects: The communication between customer (the scientific institution and its representative, the researcher) and the production team is rendered more effective, as through real-time visualisation difficult problems can be easily discussed on the spot and solutions worked out by the participants. Another positive effect is the possibility to display the interrelation of singular facts and data on a wider base from the beginning of the project. Through this coherent arrangement of data also several advantages arise for the researcher: Issues and questions, which could not dealt with so far, because they require the use of multiple, but different sources, often administered by the representants of various scientific departments (for example the simultaneous correct combination of geographical, archeological and historical datasets) can be adressed. After these datasets are combined in a virtual environment, they can be analysed and different reconstruction versions tested with the help of real-time tools. The final result emerging from the project, usually an interactive application or an animated short film facilitates the dissemination of the scientific knowledge by producing high-quality images (both in sense of scientifical background and graphical display) which can be used in communication with other researchers, printed in publications, shown in educational context, at exhibitions or used in the tourism sector.

It is also possible to use the projects´ reconstructions in real-time and augmented-reality applications for educational purposes, such as information systems for visitors in museums and archeological parks or games for children.

National Exhibition Niederösterreich:
Visitor Centre (Carnuntum)

Carnuntum APP I VR I AR

Virtual Reconstruction:
Caerlon, Wales

Virtual reconstruction:
Ammaia, Portugal