Coming up: Exciting workshop on 3D Digital Literacy!

Digital Cultural Heritage as Resource in Education and Research with use of IDOVIR and 3D Repository infrastructures

This year’s CHNT28 there will be a workshop on 3D Digital Literacy offering an exploration of two DFG-funded projects for digital heritage models: “Infrastructure for Documenting Virtual Reconstructions (IDOVIR)” and “DFG Viewer 3D – Infrastructure for digital 3D reconstructions (DFG Viewer 3D)”.

The motivation of this workshop is to present the use of these new infrastructures for the documentation and publication of 3D models and to demonstrate their potential for use in the education and research sector of digital cultural heritage. With the help of these free tools, we can easily make 3D models of the digital heritage more accessible, comprehensible and re-usable.

During the two-hour workshop, we will learn about the ‘Reconstruction Argumentation Method’ (RAM) using the division of objects into different spatial areas and possible reconstruction variants as the basis for documentation, and how to implement the use of this method in IDOVIR. We will also learn about the criteria involved in preparing 3D models for online publication, the importance of the ‘Scientific Reference Model’ (SRM) when it comes to the reuse of 3D resources, and the importance of cross-referencing in documenting published resources using the WissKI-based repository.

We warmly invite all professionals and amateurs practicing the use of 3D models of cultural heritage, with an emphasis on hypothetical digital reconstructions (although not limited to these). The workshop may benefit archaeologists, art historians, architects, digital humanists, or museum curators who are looking for solutions to document the process of 3D model creation and provide open, permanent access to published digital resources.

Workshop is free of charge for all CHNT28 anttendees and organised in a hybrid format.
E-mail registration is necessary to (Subject: Registration Workshop) or contact the organizer (Igor Bajena) directly.
More information can be found here.

Organizers: Igor Bajena & Piotr Kuroczyński & Marc Grellert & Markus Wacker & Jonas Bruschke & Daniel Beck | Germany

An IDOVIR system interface for documentation of digital reconstructions using RAM, based on the example of an entry for the reconstruction of a synagogue in Volpa created by Warsaw University of Technology student, Katarzyna Prokopiuk.

Entry of published 3D model of digital reconstruction of synagogue in Volpa within 3D Repository by Warsaw University of Technology student Katarzyna Prokopiuk.