TECHNOLOGYforALL 8: Program and guest of the 2023 edition

Today, we would like to present one of our partner events in Italy, which unfortunately overlaps slightly with CHNT this year. We wish our colleagues all the best for the forum.

The Innovation Forum on technologies applied to the territory, the environment, cultural heritage and smart cities has reached its eighth edition. The program, currently being developed, includes a series of sessions with practical demonstrations in which technologies, tools and procedures will be illustrated that can constitute an important exchange of experiences between the main players in the sector with the world of research, public administration and professionals/industry.

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The topics that will be addressed in an alternation of reports and practical demonstrations are the following:

  • Geodata from EO: the IRIS Constellation
  • Reality Capture
  • Geomatics and hydrography
  • Urban Digital Twin
  • Restoration technologies
  • Technologies for the safeguard of the Cultural Heritage
  • Advancement in the enjoyment of cultural heritage
  • The future of Cultural Heritage

1 | Training: ground penetrating radar in archaeology
2 | Training: Mobile Mapping with every tools

Other sessions, proposed by users, are under development: energy sustainability, security and surveillance in the smart city, geomatic technology in sport, drones and ROVs.

The innovation Forum, 14-16 November 2023, Hotel Cristoforo Colombo, EUR, Rome

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The venue of the event: Hotel Cristoforo Colombo, EUR, Rome (Italy)
For more information on the event venue:

The event is organized by mediaGEO sooc. coop., publisher of the multidisciplinary magazines Archeomatica and GEOmedia.

Printed in Italy since 2009, it writes articles on advanced methodologies, emerging technologies and techniques for the knowledge, documentation, protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage. The published articles are written by researchers, archaeologists, historians, conservators and restorers who operate in the cultural heritage sector and who disseminate studies on the new methodologies they use and the experimental results they obtain. Divided into three sections: Documentation (Investigation and documentation), Restoration (Materials and intervention techniques) and Revelations (analysis, diagnostics and monitoring), the magazine is completed with columns dedicated to particular themes such as: “international information EU & Word Heritage” or the union between “Art and Science”. The magazine is also available in digital reading via PDF on the Yumpu and Issue platforms. Archeomatica is Open Access, in fact it provides open access to its contents, believing that making research freely available to the public improves the exchange of knowledge at a global level. All PDFs of the articles are available on our Public Knowledge Project Open Journal System.

Is the first Italian geomatics magazine of a scientific-popular nature. For almost 20 years he has been publishing topics related to the technologies of the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data, particularly instrumental, relating to the earth’s surface. In this sector GEOmedia addresses cultural and technological issues for the operations of those employed in the sectors of geographical information systems and land registry, photogrammetry and cartography, geodesy and topography, aerial and space remote sensing, with a technical-scientific and informative approach.