Call for Sessions

The Call for Session is open!

50 years after the adoption of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, the protection of World Heritage seems to be at a crossroads. While awareness of the value of universal Cultural Heritage has raised considerably and the number of sites enlisted at UNESCO has been growing steadily, so has the pressure under which global Cultural Heritage has found itself. In 2008, UNESCO published a list with 14 categories and many subcategories of threats to Cultural Heritage. The threats range from war and crisis, weather and climate change impact, natural disasters, encroaching development, resource extraction, illegal activities as well as management issues, such as shortage of funding and/or skilled labor.

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The call is open from February 16th 2022 until March 28th 2022.

The organizers of proposals for sessions, round tables and advanced cultural training workshops will be notified if their proposal has been accepted by April 8th.